Gogebic Community College is a learning community that contributes to academic, cultural, economic, and social success for our students and region. Core Components of Mission:

  • We engage students in learning experiences that lead to enhanced employability and successful transfer to other educational institutions.
  • We develop students who can think critically, analyze and interpret information, communicate effectively, and demonstrate community and global awareness to make ethical and responsible decisions.
  • We develop partnerships with business and industry to support economic vitality and stability through the development of a skilled local workforce.
  • We provide the educational environment that promotes technological competence, free expression of ideas, ethical integrity, and a diverse, inclusive culture.
  • We advocate lifelong learning for all members of the community, providing local residents with educational, creative, and cultural opportunities.


Gogebic Community College believes all individuals should have opportunities to prepare for active participation in the economic, domestic, political, aesthetic, and cultural affairs of the communities in which they live.  This preparation includes: 

  1. The development of an increased ability to deal intelligently with the responsibilities of living in a rapidly changing global society.
  2. The development of techniques for self-criticism, initiative, intellectual curiosity leading to a poised, well rounded, and mentally, physical, and socially adjusted individual.
  3. The understanding that education is a life-long process and that the techniques and skills acquired in learning how to learn will be of life-long benefit.


Consistent with the belief that the community college is the most readily available, and often the only avenue to higher education, Gogebic Community College sets forth the following institutional purposes: 

  1. To ensure the maintenance of appropriate post-secondary educational programs that meet the changing educational needs of students, community and society; 
  1. To ensure institutional leadership in the promotion and support for economic development in our region; 
  1. To ensure a baccalaureate-oriented curricula suitable for transfer to a four-year college or university; 
  1. To ensure occupational/career training for those students who wish to prepare for immediate employment upon completion of their program of study and for students who wish to upgrade their skills or be retrained in new areas; 
  1. To ensure students the opportunity to participate in a curriculum or in a sequence of developmental or advanced courses consistent with his/her individual needs and abilities; 
  1. To ensure a general education component with a variety of learning experiences within an academic framework; 
  1. To ensure continuing education/community service opportunities by utilizing college resources through a cooperative effort with individuals, civic groups, educational institutions and other public or private organizations for specific benefit of the citizens of the college district; 
  1. To ensure guidance, counseling, advisement, and placement services to meet the personal, academic, social, and career needs of students; 
  1. To ensure student educational achievement and growth through appropriate, systematic, and periodic assessment.


Gogebic Community College is committed to creating a diverse community: one that is inclusive and responsive, and is supportive of each and all of its students, faculty, and staff. The College seeks to promote diversity in its many manifestations. These include but are not limited to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability or attributes, political beliefs, religious or ethical value system, and place of origin. 

As a community-based institution, Gogebic Community College is committed to providing comprehensive education, enrichment, and economic development experiences designed to promote student success and engagement, individual growth and social advancement. Engaging as members of a multicultural world, fostering awareness and understanding of varied cultural perspectives, and cultivating a welcoming environment are important to student growth. 

All members of the College community share a responsibility for creating, maintaining, and developing a learning environment in which difference is valued, equity is sought, inclusiveness is practiced, and empowerment occurs. 

It is a focus of the College to advance diversity as defined above. The College continues to assess its progress to ensure diversity initiatives are effective.


We embrace a learner-centered philosophy that guides us in our efforts to improve student progress and program completion with honesty, integrity and mutual respect.